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Meet Stacy

Stacy Pittman, an attorney and writer living in Idaho, can be found dancing in the kitchen wearing a vintage apron or dolled up in court touting the benefits of wearing a skirt. Stacy believes that there is a lost art of vintage wisdom and that we can learn a lot from the generations of women who have come before us. She collects vintage cookbooks and ‘Housewife’ books, embracing her femininity and feeling shamelessly empowered in high heels and lipstick.

Stacy was born in Orange County, California and is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach (Go Beach) where she became a proud Delta Gamma. She then moved to Oklahoma and graduated law school from the University of Tulsa College of Law. After graduating, Stacy moved to Idaho and worked as a prosecuting attorney. She now works in private practice and enjoys cooking, entertaining, and writing TV sitcoms with her husband, Ross.

‘Borrowed Red Bikini’ is the result of years of collecting vintage cookbooks and ‘Housewife’ books, wondering how to best incorporate them into daily modern life. Stacy advocates that some of the best advice has already been passed down and that embracing vintage wisdom and celebrating our uniquely feminine qualities is empowering.

The name, “Borrowed Red Bikini” comes from an interview that Jayne Mansfield did on This is Your Life in 1960. As an aspiring model and actress, Jayne went to the sunny beaches of Florida for her first promotional event. She was so unprepared that she didn’t even own a bathing suit to wear. She ended up borrowing a couple, one of which was a red bikini. Needless to say, that borrowed red bikini was her introduction to the world, as the confidence, power, and sheer femininity she exuded was unmistakable.

Jayne found success in her celebration of being a woman and has been referred to as the “smartest dumb blonde ever,” as she was often portrayed as a ditzy blonde bombshell. In reality, she had an extremely high IQ and spoke five languages. Jayne was unapologetically feminine, and while some view that notion as archaic and undesirable, Stacy views it as empowering and inspiring. This blog encourages all women to empower themselves by embracing their undeniable feminine qualities. Through vintage advice for modern women, we can learn and grow together in our self-discovery of what it truly means to be a woman. So, what will be your borrowed red bikini?


For more on Jayne Mansfield’s interview from This is Your Life, check out this link to the view the full show: